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Preparing to use our Placement Service

Musicians Called to Serve

Typically, a music search committee chair or member has little or no experience in the process of selecting musicians to serve in their church; and that possibly applies to the clergy of the church, as well. Therefore, before requesting that your available position be included in our Placement Listing, we highly encourage you to read our free book, Musicians Called to Serve: A Handbook for the Selection, Employment, and Ministry of Church Musicians. In it is a wealth of information meant to guide you in the process of calling a musician.

Musicians Called to Serve — Table of Contents
✥ A few words to rectors and search committees
✥ A healthy and successful music program
✥ Preparing the job description
✥ The work of the church musician
✥ Grid to estimate Work Time requirements
       ➤ Chart to calculate results of Work Time Grid
       ➤ Determining a fair compensation
✥ The search process
✥ Search Process Checklist
       ➤ AAM Placement Service
✥ The employment agreement
✥ Hiring and welcoming the new musicians

There are also four helpful appendices in the Handbook:
✥    I. Provisions of the Canons of the Episcopal Church regarding Music and Ministry
✥   II. General Convention resolutions on Lay Professional employment issues
✥  III. Employment resources
       ➤ Thoughts on ending an employment arrangement
✥  IV. Sample written employment agreements
       ➤ Contract
       ➤ Letter of agreement for employment
       ➤ Endnotes for Appendics IV

✥ The book also includes AAM’s Code of Ethics.

Sample listing

Our Placement Service Request Form requires the name, title, and email address of both a Contact person (presumably the person filling out the form) and the Rector (or other Official) who will be the person to sign AAM’s Placement Policy, along with general information about the church and position. There is a place to include a brief job description.

The sample filled-out form and subsequent sample listing below shows how a filled-out form gets transformed into a listing. Your listing will look similar.



Frequently-Asked Questions

How long will my job listing run?
Three months is the standard time span for a listing. Extending this time span is possible, and typically gratis. Email our Placement Advisor to arrange this.
Is it possible to extend the time my listing is seen?
Yes, we will extend any recent listing, gratis. Contact our Placement Advisor for details.
Since I can’t login to your site, how will I know what my ad looks like?
Your ad will look precisely like the sample ad shown on this page, except that it will contain the information you give us on the Placement Listing Request Form. When that form is submitted, a copy of the completed form is emailed both to the Contact and Rector/Official.
How long will it take for my listing to “go live”?
Typically, a new listing will be published upon receipt of payment and the acceptance of AAM’s Placement Policy statement. The Placement Advisor will review the listing and publish it—most often within 24–48 hours—yet only after all the requirements have been met.