Professional Concerns and Development Committee (PCDC)

The Professional Concerns and Development Committee is committed to its role of serving the members of AAM in pastoral and supportive ways. The PCDC encourages members facing challenges or tensions in their working relationships to reach out to a PCDC member for a confidential conversation.

Members who are logged in to this site can access the full PCDC page and contact information for committee personnel, and also have access to a helpful resource, Seeking Assistance from the PCDC — A Guide.

The 2022–23 PCDC Committee
The Rev. Dr. Kyle Babin — Chair (’23)
Diane Meredith Belcher (’25)
Alex Benestelli (’24)
Frank Boles (’25)
The Rev’d Erika L. Takacs (’23)
Woosug Kang, D.M.A. (’23)
Janet Yieh (’24)
Jefferson C. McConnaughey, Esq., ex officio
The Rev’d Victoria R. Sirota, ex officio
Sonya Subbayya Sutton, ex officio