The Association of Anglican Musicians

Founded in 1966, the Association of Anglican Musicians is a member-led nonprofit of musicians and clergy serving in the Episcopal Church and internationally within the Anglican Communion.

Our Mission

Recognizing that the music of the church finds its primary expression within the framework of the liturgy, this Association takes as its purpose the elevation, stimulation, and support of music and the allied arts in all their aspects in the Episcopal Church and the larger Anglican tradition, and especially in their relationship to liturgy.

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The History of AAM

The timeline at the link below draws heavily upon Victor Hill’s, A Concise History of the Association of Anglican Musicians: 1966-2006, which, in part, was based on previous work by Mildred Buttrey and Edgar Billups.

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AAM Conference, England 2017. Photo credit: Dr. Homer Ferguson III.

Association of Anglican Musicians is a Michigan corporation, qualified as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under the IRS Code.